-Recycled Tech Loops- PlankMen

Recycled Tech Loops - PlankMen
Recycled Tech Loops - PlankMen
Item# NRG142

Product Description

This EP is a frenzy of classic techno goodies that will be an aphrodisiac for any DJ! "Do you Right" features Speedy J's world renown "Pullover" with vocal samples. While "Mark's Theme" hits you with samples by private productions along with an analog of tweaks and equalized filters. "Tribe Invasion" blends in with a kick ass intro that builds up with loops from Dyewitness' observing the earth collaborated beautifully with those hard house beats. "Techno Daze" and "Kickin'Spice" gives you that pure energy to put you into that vibe.


-Do U Right

-Mark's Theme

-Techno Daze

-Tribal Invasion

-Kicking Spice

-Can't Stop the Groove