All the best of Jasper Stone Trax on
one CD!

"Club Hits Volume 2"-Jasper Stone Trax
"Club Hits Volume 2"-Jasper Stone Trax
Item# CH2

Product Description

Due to popular demand and cut-outs,
we were forced to put the "best of" on a
Club Hits Compilation-part 2!
Song list:
Intergallactic - Angel Alanis
How To Run A Train (Remix) - Angel Alanis
Get Into It - Mark V. & Poogie Bear
Way You Move - Tyree
Pimp Player (Remix) - Angel Alanis
#1 DJ - DJ Self
Elevator '98 - Hypersound
Big Fat Juicy Booty (Remix) - Mark V. & Poogie Bear
Work It Baby - LNC feat. Funky J
Bump N Grind - 2 In Rhythm
Sonic Decunstruction - Angel Alanis
Rock Da Discotech - Mark V. & Poogie Bear
Raise Yo Hands - Angel Alanis