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Recorded in 2003 during the superstar's first international solo tour, "Beyonce: Live At Wembley" captures the multi-platinum performer at the peak of her powers. With a set list including her #1 hits, personal favorites, crowd-pleasing surprises, and a bootylicious Destiny's Child medley, Beyonce dazzles the SRO audience with the music, magic, and charisma that has made her one of the most beloved entertainers in the world.

Among the DVD's bonus features, "Beyonce: Live at Wembley" includes: "The Concert Behind The Scenes," Beyonce's show-stopping performance of "Crazy In Love" from the 2004 Brit Awards, three exclusive interview segments, a comprehensive discography, a Destiny's Child update, and more.

In addition, "Beyonce: Live at Wembley" comes with a bonus CD featuring three sizzling new remixes of classic Beyonce tracks and three brand-new Beyonce recordings: "Wishing On A Star," "What's It Gonna Be," and "My First Time."

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